All About ‘Love Your Skin’

‘I have psoriasis. People often stared at me and asked me not to participate in certain activities because of the appearance of my skin.’ ‘Psoriasis looks contagious!’ ‘That scaly red skin lesions looks horrible’ ‘I feel bad for them. Pitiful!’

Have you heard this kind of words before? Have you been hurt and felt depressed due to these words? Have you felt shameful and embarrassed about your skin?

NEVER! Love your perfect imperfections. Join us and Find your self-confidence back. 

We feel you.  We stand by your side. All we do for this six-week campaign is trying to dispel the myth that persistent skin conditions are infectious and giving SUPPORT to you guys. 

For those of you who say those words. You should know that what you say will greatly affect people who have skin problems. VERY HURTFUL and even bother their social lives and psychosocial health.