Acne | ‘Mine just can’t easily go away’

Acne | ‘Mine just can’t easily go away’


‘I had acne firstly in the middle school. It went really bad after I came back from Bali. That was like a trigger, bringing all the extra damp out of my body. It was not a pleasant experience for me.’

‘I feel my anger every time when the breakout and pimple on my face are uncontrollable.’

‘For some people, their acne is temporary and can be healed. But mine just can’t easily go away. It is so stubborn.’

‘My acne is caused by the dampness inside of my body and also the typical adolescence thing.’

‘Skin is the reflection of the condition of your body. It is the mirror of what’s inside of you.’

‘Acne like mine, needs a change in life style, from the inside to the outside. For example, less alcohol, less smoke, no spicy food, etc.’

‘You need to be very patient in dealing with acne. I have been trying so many different ways and products for a very long time. And I am still on the way.’

‘There is not a very efficient and useful skin care product for the acne skin on the market now. Some only can soothe the condition but can not cure the root.’

‘My condition gets better because of Traditional Chinese medicine.’

‘When I take the medicine, I always make sure that for the next ten days or half a month I won’t go out and meet anyone. Because the medicine leads the acne to burst out and then heal itself. And it takes time.’

‘Maybe others don’t care about the redness on my face, but I think it doesn’t look good.’

‘There is a period of time that I couldn’t leave home without makeup. I feel like everyone is looking at my plain face.’

‘Acne will definitely affect the mental state, but for me, it just for a while.’


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