ECZEMA | ‘I kind of refuse to wear shorts since then’

ECZEMA | ‘I kind of refuse to wear shorts since then’


If your not aware already all this week from September 11th – 16th 2017 is Eczema Awareness Week. 

I have eczema ever since I was a child, probably back to the third grade of primary school. It started with a small red area on my wrist. The condition was not that bad although it was itchy and bleeding all the time when I scratched it. Because I thought it was really cool, to have something special on my body that no one else has.

Then when I grew up, the red area of eczema started to expand. It appears on my antecubitals and thighs. The size of it was really big and easy to notice in summer. Every time when I wear tops with short sleeves or shorts, friends would ask me ‘what happened to you? Did you get burned or something? Looks scary’.

I kind of refuse to wear shorts since then. I hate people staring at me, hate answering that question over and over again, and hate myself looking ugly.

Luckily, my eczema stopped for a while but now it’s on the jawline of my face and neck. I sometimes use concealer to cover it up but it only makes it worse when I wash my face. It hurts when the make-up remover is applied.

I have seen many doctors and they all prescribe the same things. There is no cure but the product that effectively ease my itchy skin is suggested by one of my friends who has severer eczema than me.

I still have the scarring under my knees and arms and the fresh red area on my jawline and neck.


7 thoughts on “ECZEMA | ‘I kind of refuse to wear shorts since then’

  1. I really love this. While I don’t have eczema per se I do have keratosis Polaris (chicken skin)on my upper arms and always have had it. It’s definitely something that makes me self-conscious. It’s crazy how small little comments like asking what’s on your arms can really mess either your self confidence!


  2. True! Skin problems do influence children’s confidence because they think they are different from others. They are more likely to be treated unfairly. Thus, I think they need more cares from doctors, teachers as well as their parents to have a positive attitude towards skin problem.

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  3. Hi @nodermatologicalshame, this is such an incredible article about your experiences with eczema. There are many sufferers of eczema out there like yourself so just know that you aren’t alone! Support groups such as ITSAN are not for profit groups designed to provide support and options on eczema sufferers and other conditions associated with eczema. A word of warning around the prescribed medication your doctor would have given you: they can sometimes cause unwanted side effects so be very careful with your application on the creams! Check out my page, to have a look at some of the horrific side effects that some patients have experienced by using those creams prescribed to treat eczema! Wish you a speedy recover from eczema.


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